Super Vitamin Burgers!

Is the name intriguing?

I almost called it super hero. Or super power.  Had to get the super in there.  But what's so super?

Oh, let me tell you.  

This burger is like the unlikely burger.  Like the really unique kid in your art class who was ridiculously talented and lovely and still a nice person.

Ok, I might be exaggerating.  But this is one awesome, nutrient-packed, super delicious burger.  What is the secret ingredient?  Liver.

An unlikely ingredient.  And if you have ever had liver, you know this: a little bit goes a long way.

Honestly, I haven't been able to stomach or attempt eating liver since month 2 of my pregnancy.  Prior to pregnancy, I was just starting to try eating meat again, and I was eating beef for the first time since middle school.  I have been able to return to it here and there throughout pregnancy, but it is definitely not my "go-to" food.  However, in preparation for labor, delivery, and postpartum, I have made it highly desirable for me to get as much iron-rich foods life beef into my diet.  Why?

According to the Journal of Pregnancy (1), nutritional iron-deficiency anemia is the most common disorder in the world, with the prevalence in pregnant women in industrialized countries estimated to be close to 20%.  There is a significant increased demand for iron to develop the fetus and placenta in addition to supporting the mother's blood volume.  It is clear that pregnant women are subject to iron loss during and after delivery; in fact, the total iron loss associated with pregnancy and lactation is approximately 1000 mg.  Thus, the recommended daily dietary allowance for iron in pregnancy is 27 mg instead of 8 mg in the adult non pregnant-population.  Lactation requires a daily dietary allowance of 10 mg.

Enter: Liver.

Raw beef liver contains close to 30% of your daily value of iron; that's incredible!  Not to mention it is rich in B vitamins and minerals.  Just 3 oz alone provides vitamin A, B12 and riboflavin in an amount that exceeds the daily requirement for the average adult.  Don't forget about the iron content in beef either.  A typical 4 oz burger has 16% of the recommended daily allowance of iron.  Other high iron foods include clams, sunflower seeds, nuts, lamb, beans, whole grains, dark leafy greens, and dark chocolate (thank goodness!).

What I love about this recipe is you can't really taste the liver.  You could even omit it if you want or add more in if you're a big fan.  For a liver wimp like myself, I just want a smidgen in there to help my body but to not make me give up on the cause.  Another great thing about this recipe is the veggies I snuck in: onions, zucchini, and chard to be exact.  There's some flexibility here, but it gives a nice crunch and flavor to your burger.

Give it a try and enjoy!

Super Vitamin Burgers (paleo, GF, DF, soy-free, AIP and Whole 30)

8 oz beef (we used local, grassfed, pasture raised)
3 oz liver  (we used local, grassfed, pasture raised); can omit if aversion to liver
1/2 small organic zucchini
1 leaf finely chopped organic red chard
1/4 finely chopped medium yellow onion
dash of black pepper
dash of himilayan sea salt
dash to teaspoon of garlic (anti-inflammatory!)
dash to teaspoon of basil (anti-inflammatory!)

(pictured served on organic red chard leaves with organic dijon mustard for condiment)

If you are feeling really ambitious about liver, visit My Recipes section or to see how to make liver pate.




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