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Health is my passion.

It wasn't always.  I was very sick growing up and had a love/hate relationship with food.  I wasn't really raised in a holistic household.  Modern medicine was always to be trusted and anyone else who claimed to be practicing medicine was a quack!

I held this theory to be true until I got to college and really started my healing journey.  I started to learn about nutrition, not about starvation, fat free, and sugar free diets.  I started to run, become a gym fanatic, get excited about gaining muscle mass.  I was hungry for knowledge and was on the journey to accomplish my bachelor's degree in nursing.  However, much of the journey started after graduation.

It was through my own health mishaps and challenges that I began to turn to a holistic lifestyle and remedies.  Knowing what the medical world had to offer, I wasn't against it, but I didn't think it had all the answers either.  I started to see more and more people my age and younger develop chronic health problems and diseases. I started to see more and more people in pain- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I always knew I wanted to be a nurse practitioner.  It was just a matter of when.  But it has been in the last two years that God has clarified for me my purpose with it: To bring nursing back to its basics and foundation.  A holistic and comprehensive view of medical care that doesn't begin and end with medicine.  It begins with knowing your family history, your DNA, your nutrition, your lifestyle your activity level.  It doesn't take 15 minutes.  It takes a lot longer because in order to come up with the best plan and solutions we need to collect the most data, look into the most research, and solicit interest.  So medicine can be involved, but it is just a piece of the puzzle, and shouldn't necessarily be our first option.

I think we are in exciting time in this country because we are just starting to get it.  This generation wants more answers. We won't settle for just a diagnosis, that medication, or that test. We want to know why and what else we can be doing.  We are starting to question whether everything our parents and our grandparents told us was the best information in regards to our health. And we are starting to learn that every research article is not necessarily best literature or correct (remember when they said eggs were bad for you?).

It's not being disrespectful. It's wanting to know something more, knowing we have a responsibility now, for us; for our children and their children. And that's where the desire of my heart is to help.  To find alternative remedies and recipes clinically proven to benefit our lives. To find stress relievers to improve our bodies' health.

And that's the purpose for this site.  The food cure. To continue on the quest of health and nutrition, showing people ways they can help themselves and their families be happy and healthier.

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