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Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet

Make. This. Right. Now.

So who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies? Seriously, I still salivate when I pass by a Great American cookie store in the mall. And remember all the birthday parties you were invited to as a kid where you could literally eat slices of cookies all day and life was grand? Lol, to be a kid again.

So I love cookie skillets, but since starting keto, I have been trying to recreate one that had macros that were consistent with what I need to do keto. I should much of starting the ketogenic lifestyle is trial and error. I think I have finally found the sweet spot of how much carbs and proteins my body can handle, and how much fat it likes.  Everybody is different!  I have been doing the paleo lifestyle for 3 years now and added on keto to that a month ago. So far, I find my gut is a lot happier eating this way.

So back to the cookie skillet. My favorite paleo one is from Rachael's Good Eats blog.  I found that by changing up a few ingredients, I…

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