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Hey Baby! Book Giveaway!

What does your child like to learn about?  My son LOVES learning about animals. We actually just went to the zoo for the first time this past fall, and he was just eating it up! He loves making animal sounds, naming them and talking about them!
Recently we got introduced to the Hey Baby! books from National Geographic that are for kids to learn all about animals! Jace was in love! We received 'Hey Baby: A Collection of Pictures, Poems, and Stories from Nature's Nursery' and Jace wanted to look through it right away. It features beautiful photographs, stories and poems, plus factual information about animals an nature. 

I think my favorite item about the book is that it is organized by habitat! Each section opens with a poem and ends with a precious photo gallery of "more itty bitty babies" called a Tot Lot. Each picture in the gallery includes a short description about the animal photographed.  My son loves to point to each animal and name its colors and make it…

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