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Did you know that the clothes you wear often contain toxins and fluorine?  Because they are in constant contact with your body, it can leave your skin irritated and susceptible to hormone mimickers and troubling ingredients.
Look, I am not going to stop wearing all my clothes if they aren't organic (as much as our husbands would love us to, right? haha). BUT I am making a conscious effort now to choose clothing when I can that is not only quality, but made well for my body to be healthy and strong. 
Enter Prana.

This clothing is recycle, organic, fair-trade certified, fluorine free and PFOA free. Fluorine is a gas that is emitted from factories and in small amounts usually leads to nose and eye infections. There are other negative effects it has on plants and animals that can be discovered here. PFOA is a man-made chemical that is a carcinogenic material. It has the potential to be a health concern because it can stay in the environment and human body for long periods of time. St…

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