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My 100 Day Birthday

Honestly 100 days is nothing for what has felt like eternity.

I don't know if it is mercury retrograde or what, but this has been on my mind and I need to put pen to paper. Well, you know what I mean.

Almost 4 years ago was when my body started to change....when I noticed I couldn't just hop out of bed and run 15 miles no problem. And then go to the gym on top of that. And the physical pain started settling in...It was like a switch went off.

I will be completely honest. I miss my old body.  I don't always have these moments, but this weekend I did. Yes, I do love my body and what it is doing, and that it is healing, but this journey has been beyond challenging.  I miss being athletic and fit from my workouts. I miss my legs that I used to think were too muscular.  I miss it all. I miss doing things whenever I wanted when I wanted.

My body is making a comeback though. It is happening. The healing is happening. The tides have been changing.  My body is getting there....dail…

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