I have been meaning to share this for a LONG time. 

Reflecting on my journey usually leaves me in tears. While I wouldn't wish what I have gone through on anyone in this world, past or present, I still find myself thankful for it.


When you change your perspective to be grateful for the challenges you go through rather than regretful, resentful, angry and/or sad, your world changes. I think about the person I was before I got "ill", and who I am now...and I would easily trade to be who I am now any day of the week.

What did Illness teach me?  To be grateful for your body, be kind to it, love on it. Find joy in rest and not just going through the motions and busyness of life. Always be kind to others, for you do not know what challenge they are going through. Set up boundaries with unhealthy people/relationships in your life. Desire peace and positivity over fear and negativity. LIVE in the moment.

Illness served a purpose but it is not a part of me now (you will notice I rarely say or mention Lyme because 1) my identity and who I am has never been connected to an illness and 2) its not really Lyme- its immune system dysfunction that causes infections/viruses to become active. Your cells hear you. Stop obsessing about what physical diagnoses/symptoms you have). It served me to teach me a lesson, to help me realize my full potential, my purpose. To teach me what I deserve in this life. And for these lessons, I will always be grateful . 

In love and strength,



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