It is Okay to Rest AND Set Boundaries

It is okay to rest AND set boundaries mama.

You read that right. In fact, its not just ok...its necessary!

I hurt my neck and back this weekend and had to take a few days to recoup, which anybody who knows me knows...that just ain't my style. Im a go-getter...almost obsessively, and its both a weakness and strength (doing better know by the way- I totally sensed your concern ;) <3)

But if there is anything recovery has taught me is that you prioritizing yourself isn't selfish. And personally, I hate how anybody would label it as such. Well, of course, if you are being an asshole about it, then yeah, I get it- that is selfish.  But if you are regrouping and recouping, then go do it, and do it well.  Because then you are more likely to come back that much stronger and determined.

So do I still work while Im resting? To a certain extent, yes. But that's my personality, and I actually really love what I do (Young Living and integrative nurse practitioner). I love that what I do gives me the freedom of time, money, and fulfills my heart. But just like everyone else, I need to establish boundaries with my work too.

So I had to set some boundaries the last couple of days and over time this has gotten easier to do without secretly being pissed off at myself.  Guys, this takes time to improve upon, so don't beat yourself up if you don't have the boundaries thing down.  Adulting is hard.  But setting boundaries is a big game changer in the game of life. That much I have learned.

My best teacher on resting and setting boundaries? My son. Clearly, he has the rest thing down. And Lord knows he definitely knows how to tell me no ;) But maybe there is a lesson to be learned here from him.

I mean honestly, I am always learning from him.  But the lesson he teaches me is to focus on the present, and don't worry about the future. Take advantage of the opportunities you get to rest. It is okay to say no.  Family comes first. Everything else can wait.

And this is a lesson I'm okay with :)


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