My 100 Day Birthday

Honestly 100 days is nothing for what has felt like eternity.

I don't know if it is mercury retrograde or what, but this has been on my mind and I need to put pen to paper. Well, you know what I mean.

Almost 4 years ago was when my body started to change....when I noticed I couldn't just hop out of bed and run 15 miles no problem. And then go to the gym on top of that. And the physical pain started settling in...It was like a switch went off.

I will be completely honest. I miss my old body.  I don't always have these moments, but this weekend I did. Yes, I do love my body and what it is doing, and that it is healing, but this journey has been beyond challenging.  I miss being athletic and fit from my workouts. I miss my legs that I used to think were too muscular.  I miss it all. I miss doing things whenever I wanted when I wanted.

My body is making a comeback though. It is happening. The healing is happening. The tides have been changing.  My body is getting there....daily.

I have always been able to fix anything I wanted. I have always been solution oriented. There was no problem I could not solve. I am a total badass and what I choose to do well in, I do well in. If I want to win, I do. But when I had Lyme and all the other shit that went with it, I couldn't.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fix it.

I often have heard people say in the past few years, "Wow, you are so strong."

No, I'm not. It was either I keep going or I quit on life. Those were the two options when you can't move and can't walk.  And yes that had crossed my mind. When you feel like you have lost everything, then what makes you keep going? For me it was always my husband and my son. They always did. This journey would have looked completely otherwise.

A little over 100 days ago I walked into the Infusio Clinic in Beverly Hills, California, and I decided 'this is it.' I'm tired of this battle. I don't want to fight. I want to win.

And so the next chapter started. But it didn't mean it was easy.

Granted, I have felt  SO MUCH better than I did pre-stems. Also I should clarify the Infusio clinic stem cell procedure is completely different than any other clinic in the country.  They have the right stuff. I know that I know that I know with my medical background and training that they have the key. And so I trusted them, I knew the treatment would work, and it has. It's just not an overnight fix, and I knew that going into it. I knew going to Infusio was my last step for healing, and I was fortunate enough to go.

The first 100 days post SVF stem cell procedure is called the adaptive phase. Every day my stem cells multiply. I started with close to 80 billion, and every day there's more and more. It's very up and down, as the body starts retracing through old symptoms to heal.  Once you get to the 100 day mark, you can start expecting your body to enter the healing or restorative phase. This is where the majority of healing happens for the next several months, and the up and downs continue, but become farther and farther apart. Less intense. More predictable. And completely healing.

And so I celebrate my 100 day birthday because 1) I am so proud of how hard I have worked and my body has worked up until this point. The first 100 days have been a roller coaster. 2) Because I know and can easily say the best is still coming. I have felt it already, and I am excited. And 3) I finally get to color my roots again. OMG my hair has looked like a hot mess. I was urged to wait until after stem cell replication to do this. It's the little things guys.

The biggest thing that happened for me before Infusio that set the ground work was a mental shift. I healed and started healing from so much trauma from previous toxic relationships and experiences, including just the experience of having had Lyme in general. I can only really describe it as having had PTSD and just figuring out the tools to heal slowly over time. I have said it before and will share here too- 2 books that forever changed my life were How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can by Amy Scher and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I wish I had read those books 10 years ago.

I am still healing in this way. It really is such a process, and one I have been so grateful for. And it goes without saying I don't know where I would be either without essential oils and the powerful effect they have on emotional and physical healing. Game changer. In EVERY single way.  My go-tos throughout this process have been: Believe, Gratitude, Surrender, Valor, Envision, Inner Child, and so many other EOs that are so incredible. Plants heal. You just got to use them.

So onto the "healing phase," though I venture to say, I know I have already done and accomplished just that. In my mind, I know it has already happened. So I just listen to my body and let it show me its way. Its path. What's next. And continue to plan all the amazing adventures moving forward. Because my body has risen to the occasion already and continues to do so.

Healing happens.

Here's to the next 100 days and beyond....



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