This Journey

I'm just gonna say it.

This health and healing journey has been so fuckin hard.

There is no easy or nice way to put it.

99% of the time I can just forget everything that has happened over the last 3 years, everything still healing.  I can forget the achy joints, the sore/burning muscles. I can forget the feeling of waiting....waiting to get pregnant, waiting to volunteer, waiting to contribute more to this world.  Waiting to be able to physically hustle more than I already do in my Young Living business.  And then there are the few times I don't.

That was yesterday. My emotions hit me like a ton of bricks, and I was swept away in tears.

If you know me, you know I don't make excuses. I don't complain. I don't worry about things I can't control. I really don't worry about much of anything. I rise. I have so much I am grateful for. Always and all the time.

The truth is I was told this would happen.  In fact, I was told "expect the unexpected."(sounds kind of like labor lol) After the stem cell procedure, the first 100 days are very up and down...roller-coaster like.  And that is simply because the body has to go through inflammation to heal (perspective right? I need to go through pain to heal on a cellular level). It must go through old symptoms to heal them.  And I completely trust that process.

But it doesn't mean that it has been easy. It has never been easy. You have bouts you feel really good that can be followed by days you feel really, REALLY bad.

I reached out to two women who inspire me...truly (wouldn't you know they are part of my YL tribe?). And the reminder was the same:

Embrace your emotions. Embrace these feelings. There is a reason they are there. There is a reason this is now.  Tap into inspiration. Acknowledge all I have accomplished despite it all.

It's like another layer...a veil...being lifted in the healing process. More freedom. More wisdom. More strength.

And in these times I realize, Wow....I still haven't reached my full potential...and look at all that I've done.  And I take ownership of it. Because I am soooo proud of it.

I am so proud of the community I have helped to build full of women I get to work with every day.  I am so proud of how I raised my son...he will always know love, strength and holistic wellness.  I am so proud of the leader I am...I truly love watching others succeed.  I am so proud of the nurse practitioner I am because I get to lay my head on my pillow each having peace in my heart knowing I am making a GENERATIONAL IMPACT.  I am so proud of the person I have become.

This is only the beginning. The best is yet to come.

In honesty and truth,



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