Spingtime: A time for new things

Anyone who has lived in Florida more than a month knows we have one season here.  Well, more like little teasers for seasons.  Winter might last two days. Summer lasts forever.  And Spring and Fall provide nice morning and evening breezes.

One thing I treasure about Spring time- both environmentally and symbolically- is that it is a season for planting.  I am no green thumb.  I forget to water my plants often, and I only know what herbs look like because I label them.  But I genuinely enjoy gardening and planting.

My husband and I have made it a point in the last few years since we moved into our home as kind of a commitment to what we are about.  Believing in being organic.  Believing in being self-sustainable. Getting your food from your own backyard.

I don't live on 5 acres- not yet :o) But when I do, I am genuinely looking forward to a big garden and my own chickens and even a pig and a cow would be nice.  I'd love to have enough vegetables to easily make with meals routinely.  Isn't it great God has given us such wonderful things to get our food from?

For now, I enjoy my little garden, and planting different things each year.  Beyond getting a harvest, what is most gratifying is watching something grow, watching something bloom.  Just as in the Bible there is a time for sowing and reaping, so is it in our lives.  A time we must plant, not knowing what the harvest brings but being faithful and dedicated to the planting.  I find this has been the story in my life.  Unsure of the outcome but being present and dedicated in the process.

I planted today knowing that when I harvest it will be when my precious son joins me.  He too will get to see how in life we plant and reap.  He will see how dedication and love helps areas in our life grow, whether it is a plant, or our job, or our relationships.

So I guess I need to be better about watering and taking care of my plants this year! ;o) I'm determined, and I know my maternity leave will help.  So far I have planted (all organic) tomatoes, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, basil, and cilantro- and I look forward to planting more.

I will keep you posted, and I look forward to using items in some new recipes!




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