Why I Drink Ningxia Red Every Day

So true story. I used to get that Monavie drink like a dozen years ago. Couldn't tell you what was in it, and I didnt even really like it but I was trying to be "healthy" and figured why not? So actually it was kind of funny because I got this wine bottle looking thing shipped to my dorm room in college and everybody was like, "are you getting wine shipped to you?!" Ha.

Fast forward 12 years when I actually now give a crap about my health and have overcome so much to get to where I am today....I care about what goes in my body. Yes, I have cheats. Yes, I enjoy food. Yes, I believe in balance.  But different people have different needs, and I have to pay close attention to keeping my system in alignment.

All this to say that when I started down the holistic health path over 3 years ago, Ningxia Red was not on my radar.  It was a gradual process...with my eating, and then getting rid of toxins in our home.  It was very purposeful because when I got pregnant I knew that this was way bigger than me. I had a little man who needed me to treat my body as best as possible.

So I got introduce to Ningxia Red close to a year ago, but I never tried it because I just didn't see the need or value at the time.  I didn't know too much about it.  Then when I started learning more about the wolf berry and its effect on the immune system, I started learning more.

So what is in Ningxia Red? The vitamin C of 150 strawberries 🍓, the vitamin k of 260 tomatoes 🍅, the magnesium of 45500 raw almonds, the folate of 70 onions, the pantothenic acid of 120 broccoli heads, the iron of 100 bunches of spinach, the vitamin b6 of 45 carrots, the vitamin a of 45 apples 🍎, the vitamin c and folate of 200 oranges 🍊, the manganese of 1600 blueberries, and finally 100 gms of the most antioxidant rich superfood Goji Berry! Goji contains powerful phenols, beta carotenes, and a variety of other antioxidants!!✨ Just check it out on pubmed. You will find dozens of research articles connecting it to fighting inflammation, supporting the liver, and helping to boost cells in the body!

Just what exactly does Ningxia Red do? First of all, it helps to provide antioxidant protection, which helps combat premature aging.  It helps support a healthy blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, immune system, memory, sleep, vision, fertility, sexual function, hormones, kidneys, cardiovascular system, digestion and liver function. Amazing, right?

It's crazy that something so simple can provide so many great things for the body! Ningxia Red contains orange, yuzu, tangerine and lemon essential oils, which are known for their ability to help maintain normal cellular regeneration.  They also contain high levels of the powerful antioxidant d-limonene, which is an important marker for bioactivity.  Bioactives are natural compounds that work in harmony with your body to promote healthy function among all your body's systems.  I also like to actually add some other essential oils to mine that are great for my digestion and cellular regeneration: frankincense, copaiba, and digize.

What have I noticed since taking Ningxia? I don't know what we would do without it!  We have better energy, better sleep. Jace goes to daycare and has only gotten sick once in the year he has gone.  Most people I know report better energy, better immune function AND improved vision. I love reading people's testimonies because it is such a wonderful reminder of the power of plants and the gift that Mother Nature had given us?

Do you want to try out Ningxia Red for yourself? Let me know in the comments below, and I'd love to send you samples to try for your family.  Have questions about Ningxia Red? Ask those too! If you would like to see more Ningxia Red testimonies, make sure to check our www.ylsearch.com and enter in Ningxia Red.




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