What is Holistic Living ?

Finally sat my ass down to write this.  It's kind of like- where do I start? I have so many things to say, stories to tell. But really I think I need to start very basic. The foundation before getting started with more tales. Before chatting about other topics.  And it really has to do with answering the question,

"What is holistic living?"

I say this because I think many people don't know.  They feel like it is either dogmatic, impractical, or maybe they feel like they can't keep up.  Maybe they feel like they don't understand what it means.  Or maybe they are totally doing it and eager to learn more.

Truly, holistic living means something different for all of us, but before I start writing, it is important I share what it means to me.  For me, holistic living has saved my life many times over.  For me, holistic living has saved most of my patients, family, and friends heartache, sadness, and has improved their health in mind, body and spirit.

So to be holistic, you must be open-minded.  That is just basic.  If you can't, then you aren't ready.  If you rather follow a system that is narrow-minded and does not encompass mind, body, and spirit, then you aren't ready.  And that is fine too.  You have the freedom to be ready in your own timing.  And you don't have to have all your shit together.

I never have, and I probably never will.  But that is part of being holistic.  It is loving on yourself, through good times and bad.  It is respecting your body and all that it accomplishes everyday.  It is being kind with your words, because your body...and your cells...hear you.

So no I was not born and bred this way.  My nurse practitioner textbooks barely uttered a couple works about nutrition, and there was no mention of holistic remedies.  But that is ok too. Because everything holistic could never fit in one pharmacology textbook.  It could never fit in a whole library!

See, you need to know there are other ways to heal.  I promise.  See, I have in the past experienced almost every symptom imaginable, so I can empathize with you and I'm also not going to BS you.  I don't have the time nor the interest.  But you need to understand that just because you have been experiencing a symptom(s), been given a prognosis, are living an experience- this doesn't define you. You need to know that there is a way out.  But you have to be willing to look at the root of issues and not place a facade over it.  You have to be willing to do the hard work...the emotional, the mental, the physical, the spiritual.  Because to be completely whole, you must acknowledge all the parts.

The philosophical definition of holistic means "comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole."  So see, there are many parts to you, to all of us.  We are all connected in some way too.  And by acknowledging all these parts, we can be whole.

And isn't what that is all about? Being whole?  To be able to live to the fullest, to have our children and families live their very best?  I am willing to do whatever it takes, and I hope you are too.

So let's go on this journey together and be willing to be kind to each other, respect one another and be open-minded. Holistic living.



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