Welcome to Holistic Living!!

I am soooooooo ecstatic to announce that my blog is getting a facelift and will be NEW and IMPROVED just for you- my readers and friends.

My life has been a bunch of crazy twists and turns to lead up to this moment and this season. I am truly so blessed to have had the experiences I have had because it equips me to help others. An opportunity I will never take for granted!

I am an integrative nurse practitioner who loves everything holistic, and I especially
love working with women and pediatric patients!! Holistic medicine looks at not covering up symptoms and diseases with a medication and/or a bandaid, but, rather, looks at the root cause. It has been my experience that when one address the physical and emotional underlying factors of disease, one can heal.

I can't wait to discuss the following topics with you over the next few weeks- and please, please, please let me know what you want me to chat about!  These are the topics I have in store so far for the next month:

1) Autism & ADHD

2) Infertility, fertility and health pregnancy

3) Baby Health

4) Energy Healing

5) Hormonal Imbalance in Men & Women

Can't wait to share with you. Always know, you never have to settle for not feeling GREAT. And your kids don't either. Our bodies are superior to any other animal on Earth, and we have the capacity and capability of healing <3


Lindsay, ARNP


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  2. Nice post. Autism is increasing in modern families.👍


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