3 Essential Oils You Need Right Now

No joke, I am an oils addict.  If you don't know this about me, you probably haven't come over to my house or we don't hang out too often.  Because between diffusing oils, putting it on my skin, and lathering it all over my child, I'm a fanatic.

And with good reason.  I have seen essential oils bring both rewarding benefits to my health and my whole family's health.  The truth of the matter is that oils have been around forever and used for health and wellness.  They can provide health benefits physically, emotionally, and mentally.  While the FDA has made it clear that essential oil companies cannot label their products as "curing" anything, that can't negate individuals own testimonials.

Interestingly, essential oils aren't really oils at all because they lack fatty acids.  Rather, they're highly concentrated plant components.  Sometimes, it takes huge amounts of a plant to get a small amount of an oil, which is why some oils can be so expensive.  It is always important to look for the highest therapeutic grade when looking for oils, which is one of the reasons I chose and love Young Living oils.  I do and have bought other brands, but I always come back to Young Living, just because that is my preference and where I personally have seen myself and family experience health benefits.  However, I believe that you should choose whatever brand works best for you, as long as it is of highest quality and therapeutic grade!

It's important you know how to properly use oils.  Many cannot be directly applied to the skin (especially for babies!) and necessitate a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or jojoba oil.  Only a few can be ingested as well.  I highly recommend that you purchase an essential oil reference guide to guide you with your applications and safety measures.

I find many people often ask me what my favorite oils are...my "must haves" if you will.  Here on the blog I'm going to share my top 3 favorites, the ones I think everybody should have regardless if you are really into oils or not.  I thought 3 was a great place to start because it fits most peoples budget and keeps things simple.  What's great is many of these oils are pretty common, and thus, they are a little bit more affordable.  I'm going to give you some price ranges from what I have seen in stores (for 100% pure therapeutic grade oils) and include my member prices in YL as part of range.  Check it out!

1) Lavendar (price range: $10-$20).  Definitely one of the most popular oils and a must have for every medicine cabinet.  You can use for itchy bug bites, promoting healing of cuts and scrapes and burns.  It's also great for sleep too! (I personally have had best results with tranquil roller and clary sage before bed).  I use lavender as an ingredient for all our household soaps  (Dr. Bronners castille, lavender, and vitamin E!) and for many of our cleaning products.  So versatile.

This is one of the best oils to have on deck for babies and kids too.  I use lavender for my son's homemade baby wipes (coconut oil, water, lavender and vitamin E) and have diffused to help promote sleep.  Before I knew I needed to completely eliminate dairy from my diet, I mixed coconut oil, tea tree oil and lavender to help moisturize my son's skin and to address rashes with great results!

2) Lemon (price range: $10-$15).  Just as versatile, if not more so, than lavender.  You can use this oil for cleansing yourself and for cleaning around the home.  This is one of the few oils that can be ingested and has many benefits of doing so.  Mixing a couple drops with a cup of water can help calm the stomach and promote digestion.

This is another great oil for babies!  I used shortly after my son was born to help with congestion by mixing a couple drops with a couple tablespoons coconut oil and dabbing under his nose.  I applied periodically throughout the day, and his congestion cleared up by the next day.  Again, this is my own personal experience, but I love sharing what it did for us!

3) Thieves (price range: $25-$35).  Have you ever smelled thieves?  Personally, I think it smells like heaven.  It's like all the flavors of fall and Christmas in one smell.  Great to diffuse to help promote health and wellness in the home and seen as a "natural" flu shot.  We pretty much diffuse this in our home all winter long to help with immunity.  It's also great for cleaning, and available in many cleaning products.

There are many other oils and uses for oils besides what I talk about here, between relieving pain, hormone balance, helping with nausea, and cleaning and protecting skin, just to name a few.  If you are interesting in learning more, please join an oils group, find a distributor, or feel free
to message me if you have any questions about oils, recipes, or if you want to know more about Young Living.  You can check out my page by going to Lindsay's Young Living Sign-Up.  I love helping people come up with ways to use the oils to help benefit their health and their whole families health!




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