Get Energized! Carrot Cake Power Bites

So I've been kind of slacking this week. On blogging that is.

Between work, homework, school, clinicals, and that thing called "a life," I've been a bit busy.  But if there is one thing I have learned about busyness, it's that you can't let it interrupt your flow with your eating.  Stress should not equal stress eating.

The stress hormone cortisol depletes your blood sugar and makes you hungry. This can make you crave sugar and carbohydrates that provide that temporary energy and "high," but will lead you to a crash later.  This vicious cycle leads you to crave more unhealthy foods.

Even worse, this excess cortisol takes excess calories straight to the gut! If not put into check and kept continually elevated by the stress-response system, this can disrupt almost all of your body's processes.  This puts you at risk for anxiety, depression, digestive problems, heart disease, sleep problems, weight gain, and brain fog.

There's simple ways to break this cycle. Eating a protein rich breakfast (forget the sugary, corn-filled cereal!), eating low glycemic whole foods, eating small, frequent meals, and finding new "comfort" foods are a great start. Pressing the reset button on your diet and intake can help give your body the nutrition it needs!

Right now I'm all about finding the snacks. Getting a couple bites here and there to keep hunger at bay, get the energy AND the nutrition I need.

One of my faves is these Carrot Cake Power Bites. The main ingredient-carrots- have great antioxidant, cardiovascular, and vision benefits; not to mention that they are rich in digestive-tract supporting fiber! I've made them a few times, and every time they don't last long.  They contain simple ingredients and there are lots of alterations you can make.  You can take them to work, school, or just have them at home readily available as snacks.  They will give you healthy energy that your body will love!

Carrot Cake Power Bites

6-8 pitted Medjool dates
1 cup finely shredded carrots (can be easily pulsed in food processor!)
1 cup ground sunflower and/or pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup shredded organic coconut
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 scoop protein powder (optional)

Put all the ingredients in a food processor. Pulse until a thick mixture forms and begins to formed in a large ball.  Form into size of your choice. Store in fridge until eating (usually take about 30 minute to set). You can store leftovers in the freezer.


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