Staying Focused on Your Calling

It's been a long time since I've wrote.  I woke up this morning, and I realized I hadn't blogged this entire month, which for me, is cray cray.  This blog and writing in general have been so therapeutic for me, especially with this life journey I am on.   Honestly, it's been a time thing.  And in another way, I needed to get refocused.

I have considered diverging from the food recipe route of this blog to more lifestyle and health, which I still might do and change the name of the blog.  I am still thinking about it ;)

This break from writing comes as I study to take my boards for my Family Nurse Practitioner.  My calling.  My purpose.  I know God set this on my heart years ago.  Before I ever had autoimmune disease, before I had even experienced healing from my anorexia.  Before I started nursing school and before I met my husband.  He purposed this on my heart.

And so I knew it was all a matter of time.  Before I got to this moment.  It almost seems weird for it all to be over soon.  I'm so used to being in school and living in this craze.  That has always seemed normal to me.  But God has really spoken to me in the past few weeks of staying focused and remembering my vision: To help people be healthy.  I will do anything to help others avoid the road traps I have stumbled upon.  I will do anything to help see this next generation healthier than yours and mine.

So this helps me to remember my vision.  I get caught up in so many things because there are so many things I'm passionate about (and they all seem health-related!) I am passionate about babies, breastfeeding, pregnancy, nutrition.  I'm passionate about the gut microbiome, holistic remedies, and essential oils.  I am passionate about self-sustainable living, traveling, friendships and nature.
Beyond these things I have a deep rooted passion for my family and that is what drives me everyday. That is what God calls me to be most focused on.

You get to the point that you must have your vision, and you must stay focused on it.  I feel like I have had several distractions in the past few months.  I was becoming aware of it consciously, but then God revealed to me in a couple dreams (where he has talked to me a lot in recent months....or maybe I was just ready to listen) that I had distractions that I was committing "adultery" with in regards to my time.  He knows they are not part of my purpose, not the plan he has.  And he was waiting for me to get on board.

So I am in the process of starting my vision board, and as a Pinterest mega-fan, I am super excited about it.  Excited to put to paper and in front of me a reminder: a reminder about my dreams and goals.  A reminder that my family is first, now and always.  A reminder that I got this, and there ain't stopping me!  A reminder that God is faithful to finish every work he begins.

What is your vision?  Are you focused on it, or have you become distracted due to the day to day grind?  I challenge you to get refocused, revitalized, and recharged.  I support you, and God does too!

Be blessed now and always,



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