Things I have learned being pregnant...

I have actually wanted to write about this for some time.  I think I have just been flooded with thoughts and emotions (nothing new in pregnancy!) and have been caught up with this beautiful process.  Pregnancy has taught me SO many things about myself, about life in general and really truly- God.  It's amazing how something so significant can be taken for granted when it is such a momentous celebration.

As many people know, it was not easy at first for me to find out I was pregnant.  It was not part of "the plan" I had for the near future. But as many people also know, since when do plans work out exactly as you expect?! :o)  Yeah, never.  If life wasn't a roller coaster, than how fun would it be?

Pregnancy has brought much physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to my body.  There are three main things it has taught me:

1) Enjoy things when they are seemingly simple because life can be complicated.  This life is so crazy.  I think us women especially, are always pressing towards career goals, taking care of our families and homes, and being involved in everything we possibly can.  In this time of finishing grad school and pregnancy, I have had to take a step back to see the bigger picture, to enjoy simple things like rest.

Recently, I asked my husband about working an overtime day at the hospital since my clinicals are wrapping up.  He is so wise.  Ray tells me "Lindsay, why do you need to do so much now when you will be so busy later?  Rest now before baby comes.  Enjoy not working all the time."

How true.  I have based so much of my life around working literally all the time that it bothers me to not work if I have time freed up to work.  Somewhat cultural and societal? Yes, I think that our culture praises busy and sees rest as lazy.  But truly, how many more days of rest or not having a day completely booked do I have ahead of me? Not as many after baby as I do now.

So enjoying the simple things is important.  The times I get to take a sip coffee with my husband, taking a nice warm epsom salt bath, running errands by myself on my own schedule because I can.  These are simple things that must be appreciated and enjoyed.

2) Enjoy being bigger. This is a major learning curve for me. I have spent most of my life trying not to be big.  Whether you want to describe this as fat, voluminous, heavy, huge. All someone with a previous eating disorder's worse nightmare.  But what about when getting bigger is better?

This might just be the most healing lesson of them all.  Because I have had to realize that getting bigger is better.  Watching my belly grow means baby is getting healthy and strong.  Every pound I gain means baby Jace's brain is growing and cells are cooperating and functioning as they are suppose to.  And then this becomes so much bigger than myself because I have a responsibility to grow and get bigger.  It's for my child and for their future.  And this is beautiful.

3) Treasure my husband... even more than I have before! This man has given me so much in this life- so much freedom, love, Godly council and wisdom. In this way, he has given my child and me a legacy already.

These are special times and I treasure them.  There are only so many days left (92 to be exact!) when it's just him and me in this physical world.  What an opportunity to show him more love, appreciation, and respect as he too prepares to be a parent.  Because my husband is being prepared for a major life change too and a critical new role: Father.

Being a good father is no easy task. There are many mental, emotional, and spiritual changes my husband is going through too.  All the more reason to treasure my time with him, show him my adoration, appreciation and love.  He does so much for our family, and he loves baby Jace so much already.  He already is a great father!

There really are so many things I have learned and that I am still learning about myself in pregnancy. It is truly a day-by-day process.  I am thankful and grateful I get the continued opportunity to learn and share with you on this blog.



(01/17/2015) Ringling Bridge Run


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