Pregnancy Diet Bloopers!

They weren't kidding when they said there would be weird cravings and aversions when your pregnant.

No, I'm not craving salty pickles or mayonnaise or Fritos. Not the usual hot, spicy, creamy, smooth textures.  Rather, I have been craving really all the stuff I've always liked: salads, chicken, fruit, smoothies.  The abnormals? Cheese, cheese and more cheese!!!

Now guys I'm lactose intolerant. In no way does that mean I have kept ice cream, frozen yogurt, and cheese out of my resume.  This girl has a Menchies frozen yogurt member card, and she is not afraid to use it.  But rather than get the sweets, I have been indulging my calcium craving with raw milk goat, cow, sheep cheese from Whole Foods, Earth Origins, and farmers market alike.  It's been fun to experiment and try different cheeses that I have never tried before.  In addition, I have found that I don't have a problem with raw milk and unpasteurized cheeses. And fortunately, the raw/unpasteurized milk and cheese during pregnancy myth has been debunked by numerous sources, including the book I reviewed in a previous post Beautiful Babies.  In fact, you are more likely to get listeria and dangerous bacteria from pasteurized milk cheeses that have been improperly pasteurized. This gets discussed at, where they also discuss great cheeses to choose from if you are pregnant or just appreciate the health benefits of consuming raw and unpasteurized dairy products!  In addition, you can see the benefits of raw milk and all that it protects and promotes at  It explains the pasteurization and homogenization process and how it destroys vitamins and interferes with calcium absorption, as well as causes nutrient degradation.

Now having been on a strict paleo diet for health reasons this summer, I did feel really guilty when I felt like I was giving part of this diet up (many pale followers omit dairy).  When the nausea came roaring in, and I was at work about to keel over, I ran to grab saltines.  Devastated by the ingredients listed, I was determined to not eat them again.  Until I was nauseas again 10 minutes later.

Giving up the things I cannot control has been part of my pregnancy journey.  I have decided to follow a diet that I believe is most beneficial for my health and what I think is best for the baby, and I gauge how I feel to stay on track.  This includes staying gluten free and soy free, and keeping sweets at a minimum, which I will explain in later posts.  If I need to adjust this list, based on how I feel I will.  I am a firm believe that pregnancy is not an excuse to go crazy wild on an eating-whatever-you-want escapade.  This is the time it really counts. I'm not just responsible for me...

I'm responsible for the baby inside of me.

The times I've had my hands clutching the toilet, and when I have gotten random reflex and unrelenting's all ok.  God's there, he is seeing me through every part of the journey, all the ups and downs, all the things I haven't expected. All the times I am scared I could be doing something wrong or that I have made a mistake.  The times when I fear I could be hurting the baby.  He is with me.  For this, I am thankful.

Ultimately, He is in control.


  1. Great read Lindsay! Xoxo I'm enjoying the book too as of current.


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